Monday, March 5, 2012

Toscano Restaurant

A wonderful thing happened yesterday...I ran 5 miles without stopping or walking at all!! Which is kind of a big deal for me because I am NOT a long distance runner! And the wonderful thing is that I didn't even think it was that long until I found this website through pinterest called And little did I know..I've been running (and walking) a 5 mile loop this whole time. I feel like I'm on top of the world! Don't judge me, I get excited.

So anywho..this Sunday I ran 5 miles and then ate a whole bunch of Italian food!!! Because let's be honest...5 miles of running makes a body need a LOT of carbs! Right? Right.

My aunt recommended one of her favorite restaurants in Boston for a girl's afternoon out in the city: Toscano on Charles St. And man oh man, it is now one of my favorite's too!

For starters, the bread was incredible!! It looked like foccacia but I'm not sure, but it was delicious!

It was served with olive oil, but with my aunt's suggestion, we got some balsamic vinegar and shredded cheese to mix with the bread and it was phenomenal!

For an appetizer we split the Rucola e Pomodoro salad. (For those of you not fluent in Italian, that means arugula and tomato.  It was very simple and served with balsamic dressing and long slice of delicious Parmigiano cheese. But unfortunately I dug right in too quickly and forgot to snap a picture.

Now for the best part...the entree. My aunt ordered the Salmon which came with a side of sauteed spinach and she also got a side of the Spaghetti Pomodoro (remember...pomodoro=tomato) because you have to get pasta when you're at an Italian restaurant. Duh!

I was amazed at how big the salmon was! I mean..look at that thing!! We both dug into it and there was still plenty leftover for another meal. And besides it being huge, it was also very good. Cooked to perfection and not too fishy at all. The spinach was alright but a little band, but maybe I'm just biased because BU makes amazing sauteed spinach. The side of spaghetti was also very delicious...I personally didn't try it, but it was all gone by the end of lunch so it must have been good!

For my entree I got the tagliatelle pasta with tomato basil sauce and chunks of mozzarella cheese. I call it Caprese pasta because I didn't hear what she called it. (This isn't on the regular menu, it was a special for that day. They also had mushroom risotto for a special because making me choose between those two is just cruel! But in the end I stuck to the must-get-pasta rule. But I will definitely be going back to try their risotto sometime soon!)

Oh man, was this good! And a very generous portion size (I managed to leave about half for leftovers. No matter how much I wanted to just stuff the rest in my mouth, my stomach thought otherwise though). The sauce contained big junks of tomato and lots of fresh basil and garlic! And the mozzarella was generously distributed and so gooey and yummy (for lack of a better term). The only complaint I would have is the tagliatelle pasta because it was very difficult to eat gracefully. Well, it was impossible to eat gracefully...but who cares?

Somehow we managed room for dessert...only gelato, but dessert nonetheless.

They had blood orange, raspberry, and lemon flavored so naturally we asked for a mixture of all three! And we spent the entire five minutes it took us to eat it trying to decide which flavor was our favorite before realizing that every time we'd taste a different flavor that became our new flavor. So the verdict...a three-way tie. So do what we did and get the best of all worlds! It was the perfect light dessert to end a very carb-heavy meal.

So overall...I most definitely recommend Toscano. The service was excellent! (Except she ended up switching out leftovers [which always seems to happen to us] but I guess that's okay, now I'll just have to have healthy salmon for dinner).

Bon app├ętit!

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