Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken & Rice Guys

I think I have a new favorite food truck! How exciting! I will always love Bon Me and I will continue to get the brown rice bowl with tofu and shitake mushrooms quite frequently. And for $6, it's definitely affordable.

But the Chicken & Rice Guys are even cheaper and has a smaller portion option which is the perfect size for lunch!

They keep things very simple with some saffron rice on the bottom topped with grilled chicken or lamb sausage (or both), lettuce, and a slice of pita. And then you can put your own sauce on with a white yogurt sauce, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce to choose from. Now I've gone here twice in the last two days so I've had the chance to try everything.

The first trip I just got the chicken and put the white sauce on half and hot sauce on the other.

It was delicious! You can choose between a small and large size for $4 and $6 respectively. This is the small size and it was the perfect amount for lunch or a lighter dinner. I was very satisfied afterwards. The chicken was deliciously seasoned and went really well with the white sauce! Now here's a warning that needs to be heeded. The hot sauce is HOT! My friend couldn't even finish his because he put too much hot sauce on it. I like spicy hot things, but this is definitely really really hot! So be careful! I think it's good enough with just the white sauce, but if you need a little kick, don't drown your chicken in it like I did.

The second time I went I decided to go out on a limb and try the lamb sausage. So I got the combo with half chicken and half lamb. The lamb was good, but I think I'll stick with the chicken in the future. It's a little healthier without the extra grease from the sausage. But the lamb definitely tasted amazing with the white sauce!

So if you're looking for cheap, basic food on the go this is worth giving a shot. It's delicious, healthy and very cheap.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman: A Movie Review

I still don't understand why this movie even had to be made. Are people really running out of movie ideas so bad that they have to remake a trilogy that's not even a decade old yet?


I had no intention of even going to see this, but alas, a bunch of us were heading to the movies and it was the only decent-looking thing playing (except Magic Mike, but we had males with us so that was out of the question). And why is Seeking A Friend for the End of the World already out of theaters?? It just came out a couple of weeks ago! Was it really that horrible? Because I really wanted to see it!

But anyway...Spiderman it was. And it lived right up to my low expectations. It was a good movie. It had excellent special effects and a nice actiony plot that kept you engaged until the very end. But that's about all it had going for it. Everyone knows the plot by now. Boy lives with uncle and aunt after his father has to run away after his experiments become dangerous. Boy gets bit by spider. Boy becomes a vigilante superhero in a red and blue spandex suit. Uncle dies. Boy sets out to avenge his death while also trying to stop a new mutant monster that's terrorizing New York.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with this movie is that the main character's main desire is never resolved. After Uncle Ben's death, Peter vows revenge on the dirty crook who killed him. Slight spoiler alert here: he never catches him! And after a point in the movie he just stops even trying. You can't have the driving force for you main character just disappear halfway through and then never be resolved. That's something you learn in Screenwriting 101. Come on, now.

Another thing I couldn't get past was the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Yes, the whole awkward kid trying to ask out the hot blonde thing is funny. Up to a point. Some scenes just took it too far. It was just painfully awkward and there was no chemistry at all. I love Emma Stone to death, but not her best work in my opinion. And I wasn't too impressed with Andrew Garfield either. I'd take Toby McGuire any day.

So as a movie, it wasn't bad (except for that one beef I have with avenging Uncle Ben's death), but it just wasn't spectacular. And if you're going to remake a movie so soon and tack the word "Amazing" onto the title then you better make damn sure that it's absolutely amazing. And this fell short for me.

It's very entertaining, but nothing we haven't seen before. And prepare yourself for some pretty painfully awkward scenes between Ms. Stone and Mr. Garfield.

What's next? Are they going to start remaking the Harry Potter movies all over again now?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July in Boston!

Yay! I was finally able to be in the best city in America for the Fourth of July!

And it was everything I dreamed it would be. Lots of crowds. Annoying tourists. Lots of waiting out in the sun. Amazing music. Some good 'ol crazy Boston weather. Incredible fireworks. And a great time!

We began the day by walking around downtown and checking out all the boats and such.

Then it was over the river we went to spend the rest of the evening in Cambridge, looking at Boston.

We settled in at about 3:30pm and got a pretty decent spot! I was surprised by how many people were already there. We were right in front of the fireworks barge smack dab in the middle of the Pru and the Hancock Tower. Only problem was that we were directly in the sun. Because if we sat in the shade then the trees would be blocking the fireworks. It was such a conundrum. But in the end we just plopped ourselves down in the middle of the sun and prepared to be miserable for the next few hours.

And we were right near the Frozen Hoagies ice cream truck. Another plus!

Exactly what we needed after walking around in the blistering sun all afternoon! Unfortunately, it was impossible to eat it all before it became a melty mess, so I was sticky and gross the rest of the day. Oh well. So worth it!

My American flag and my umbrella. The only two things I truly needed that day. (The umbrella ended up being quite useful at blocking the sun and torrential rain pellets.)

The other side of the river was quite crowded as well!

And the sun began to set and more and more people piled in...

Then the National Anthem and flyover. (Which personally I thought was pretty lame compared to the awesome 5 plane Blue Angel formations we'd been seeing all day.)

So festive.

And then we were all told to evacuate. Hah. Right.

We had seen the lightning looming behind us and knew that there was a good chance of thunderstorms all day, but no way were we moving after sitting there for 6 hours. But alas, they delayed the Pops concert and fireworks (while everyone else at home was watching the pre-recorded concert). And they tried to usher everyone into storm shelters.

That wasn't happening. We decided to take our chances with good 'ol mother nature. Sure enough, a half an hour later, things started up again after absolutely nothing happened. Not even so much as a sprinkle of rain. Even though they kept desperately pleading for us to seek shelter because (direct quote here) "This thunderstorm contains lightning."

Really? Really, Boston Police? Did you learn that in 6th grade Earth Science?

So then finally...

And after waiting  6 hours in the blistering sun begging for anything to cool us off, the skies finally decided to open up seconds after the fireworks started. Of course!! Still an awesome time though! Despite the giant globs of water that got in our eyes as we tried to look up at the spectacle above.

Here are the few pictures I managed to get before I had to put my camera away to save it from water damage.

And we were pretty wet by this point.

And the grand finale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July and thank you to everyone who has in the past and is currently serving our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted. We are truly blessed to be living in America. And I am so blessed to be living in the wonderful city!