Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken & Rice Guys

I think I have a new favorite food truck! How exciting! I will always love Bon Me and I will continue to get the brown rice bowl with tofu and shitake mushrooms quite frequently. And for $6, it's definitely affordable.

But the Chicken & Rice Guys are even cheaper and has a smaller portion option which is the perfect size for lunch!

They keep things very simple with some saffron rice on the bottom topped with grilled chicken or lamb sausage (or both), lettuce, and a slice of pita. And then you can put your own sauce on with a white yogurt sauce, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce to choose from. Now I've gone here twice in the last two days so I've had the chance to try everything.

The first trip I just got the chicken and put the white sauce on half and hot sauce on the other.

It was delicious! You can choose between a small and large size for $4 and $6 respectively. This is the small size and it was the perfect amount for lunch or a lighter dinner. I was very satisfied afterwards. The chicken was deliciously seasoned and went really well with the white sauce! Now here's a warning that needs to be heeded. The hot sauce is HOT! My friend couldn't even finish his because he put too much hot sauce on it. I like spicy hot things, but this is definitely really really hot! So be careful! I think it's good enough with just the white sauce, but if you need a little kick, don't drown your chicken in it like I did.

The second time I went I decided to go out on a limb and try the lamb sausage. So I got the combo with half chicken and half lamb. The lamb was good, but I think I'll stick with the chicken in the future. It's a little healthier without the extra grease from the sausage. But the lamb definitely tasted amazing with the white sauce!

So if you're looking for cheap, basic food on the go this is worth giving a shot. It's delicious, healthy and very cheap.

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