Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Reality

Spring break is over..sighhhh. And BU lost the Hockey East tournament...double sigh! BUT I may be going to St. Paul with the band this weekend for Round 1 of the NCAA tournament. Fingers crossed!

And I shouldn't be too upset about spring break being over because I spent the entire afternoon on the Esplanade in shorts and a tank top lying by the Charles River and reading the third Hunger Games book.

If this is what I have to come back to then it's not really the end of vacation at all.

But it can't compare to this.

Sigh. One of the days we went down to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach to catch some sun and paradise. It was beautiful!

And we stopped for lunch and I got to have some fresh East Coast seafood! I believe the place was called King Neptune's Restaurant. I got crab cake sliders and mom went with the fish tacos. They were both really good, but I have to say the grilled veggies on the side were the best part! I don't know what they seasoned them with, but they were glorious!

But the best part of the meal (and arguably of the entire day) was the Hush Puppies!! Now, it's been a really long time since I've had them and even then it was probably just from Long John Silver's, but still! These were amazing! They were served with cinnamon butter, but it didn't even need it! I'm not one for fried food but I kept piling these into my mouth! (Good thing I opted for grilled veggies as my side.) So...if you're ever anywhere near North Carolina, I recommend going to Wrightsville Beach just for the Hush Puppies alone!

But now it's back to reality. Well kinda...seeing as it's summer in the middle of March! But I still have to go back to class and work when all I really want to do is lay out in the sun reading forever. Oh wellllll.

Have a great week everybody!

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