Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cupcake Week: SWEET Cupcakes

Well after a weekend filled with a BU hockey loss and a SU basketball loss, I was pretty depressed. But luckily I rebound quickly and was shouting at my TV during a Bruins game in no time and now I've bounced into NHL playoffs mode and the sports-lover in me is all happy and excited again!

Andddd I found out I can officially stay in Boston for the summer playing in the band!!! Which means I will be able to try every single restaurant/cafe/cupcake/slice of pizza/crepe/sushi place in Boston!! (Well, you can bet I'm going to try).

One last thing before I launch into Day 2 of CUPCAKE WEEK...I have a new obsession. Apparently my picture-taking obsession goes beyond just food. Lately, I've been sitting at my desk doing homework every night and keep getting mesmerized by the sunset and have the sudden dying urge to take a picture of it. So since my computer is now overloaded with millions of sunset pictures from the last week, I figured I would share them with you.

I love Boston! Well, now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's time for cupcakes!! SWEET cupcakes to be exact.

Now I'll admit, I had a LOT of trouble picking between these next two cupcake places to decide which one was better than the other. They both have their pros and cons so this was serious work. And let's face it, all cupcakes are delicious...choosing one as more your favorite than another is just a cruel task to place upon yourself. But fear not, I finally made a decision!

And third runner-up for best cupcake I've had in Boston so far is....SWEET cupcakes on Mass Ave. They have four locations in Boston, but this is the only one I've been to. I'm sure they taste the same though. Also bear in mind that I came here a year ago right before I went home for summer, so it's possible that they've improved (or gotten worse, for that matter) since then.

These cupcakes weren't bad by any means, but I would say they are just average. And for $3.50 for a standard-sized cupcake, I don't think just average is good enough. This is the box that we got (I can't remember which one of us couldn't wait to eat theirs before the picture was taken.)

This was during playoff season. So Bruins...you're welcome. I'm sure my family eating these cupcakes early in the playoffs is what led you to win the Stanley Cup. I suppose I'll have to go back here again before going home to ensure the same outcome. But anyway...yeah see those little paper, INEDIBLE circles? 50 cents extra each! Really Sweet Cupcakes, really??

But I guess $1.50 was worth the Stanley Cup.

We stuck to plain vanilla because I guess that's just the kind of people we are. And that's the best way to tell if a cupcake is really good...if they're delicious without all that fancy stuff. These unfortunately didn't knock my socks off. It was called "The Sweet Cake" and described as creamy Madagascar vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. (Side note: I'm not sure what Madagascar vanilla is, but you'll see it again tomorrow so apparently it goes good with cupcakes.)

The cakes were pretty good, not super moist, but had a lot of flavor (must be that Madagascar vanilla). But the frosting was kind of just eh. And I really like frosting...not a lot of frosting (unless the cake is bad and the frosting has to cover it up) but I do really like frosting. This was just kind of like regular old vanilla buttercream. Which isn't bad!! But come on...I'm picking the best cupcake in Boston here, people!

They did carry a lot of different flavor options though, so maybe if I wasn't a boring vanilla kind of gal I would have really enjoyed some of the other flavors. I guess you'll just have to try it out for yourself!

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):
Frosting: 3
Cake: 4
Number of Flavor Options: 5
Price: 3
Overall Taste: 4

One last side note: GO BRUINS!!

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