Monday, March 19, 2012

Downtown Raleigh and La Volta

So it's finally here...the Monday after spring break. One of the most dreaded days in a college students life. And you know what? It's not that bad! My windows have been wide open since I got back and it is beautiful outside! But no matter how beautiful it is here in Boston, a part of me still really wishes I was back in North Carolina.

Raleigh was a very cute little city! It took about ten minutes to walk the length of the downtown area, but I guess if you aren't used to Boston everyday, it's a big city. The Wells Fargo building was the tallest.

It wasn't anywhere near the Pru or Hancock Building though.

We went to the Museum of Natural Sciences. It wasn't as cool as I was expecting...not a lot of hands-on cool things like I'm used to with science museums. Like the MOST in Syracuse...that thing blows my mind!

Next time I visit, I'll definitely have to see the Museum of Natural History. They were currently building a new one next door when we were there.

It looks like it will be really neat! That ball is going to be a giant globe and the blueprints we saw look very interesting.

After a morning of walking around the city, all it took was a walk by the restaurant end of Fayetteville St. to realize that we were starving and needed food now! We decided on La Volta Italiano, a little Italian Restaurant that caught our eye.

It wasn't the best Italian food I've ever had, but it was pretty good. The bruschetta was phenomonal! They served it with feta cheese, which I thought was weird, but it was actually very good. The bread was very golden and toasty and the balsamic drizzle was delicious.

I got a special..the Chicken Cacciatore. It was really good, but nothing particularly fantastic. They advertise that whole wheat pasta is available upon request, so of course I asked. And he said that I could have it, but it would take an ADDITIONAL 20 minutes. What?? Okay I understand that you pre-cook the other pasta and would have to cook the whole wheat, but pasta only takes like 10 minutes to cook. And can't you cook it while you're preparing the rest? I didn't get it, but alas...I didn't get whole wheat pasta.

My stepmom got another special: spaghetti with sauteed calamari and red pepper flakes with tomatoes and giant, awesome chucks of garlic. She picked all the calamari off and gave it to me, but she liked the rest of the dish. The calamari was a little rubbery, but I've never had it not be so maybe that should be the next thing on my to-do list: find legitimately well-cooked calamari.

My dad ordered a turkey panini. Or in terms of La Volta, two slices of barely toasted foccacia with the fillings in between. Like really? No panini marks? Not even pressed together? Not a panini...sorry. But I apparently it was still good, because he ate it right up.

Overall a pretty good restaurant experience. Even though we had originally planned on going to Bojangles for lunch because I've never had it, but I suppose Bojangles and all its artery-clogging, blood pressure-rising, deep-fried chicken will have to wait until my next visit.

Side note: I think my Northern blood cannot handle the amount of sugar in Southern Sweet Tea, because every time I had it, I felt sick to my stomach afterwards. Oh well. Sorry to disappoint you Paula Deen!

Goodbye Raleigh! And hello beautiful Boston!

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