Monday, March 26, 2012

CUPCAKE WEEK!!!! Kickass Cupcakes

So I guess summer's over? That was fast. So than does that make this real spring now, or have we skipped right into fall? Oh it's supposed to be 70s again next week? Spring it is! But lucky for all of you, I have just the thing to get you through these next five 40 degree days.....


So remember that time I agreed to find the best pizza in Boston for you? Well, I'm still working on it, but Pizzeria Regina is still massively in the lead.

I have also taken another challenge on...the best cupcake in Boston. Side note: This does not mean that you cannot go out and try every single one of them for yourself. But make sure you let me know how they are, or better yet...bring me along!

So anywho, this week I will review 5 prominent cupcake bakeries (or food trucks) in Boston in order of least favorite to most favorite.

First up: Kickass Cupcakes Food Truck

Now, just because this is first on my list doesn't by any means mean that it was a bad cupcake, it just wasn't the best. The frosting was really good, but the cake part of their cupcakes are really dry and flavorless.

The frosting and fillings of their cupcakes tend to offset this. I got a Cookie Dough cupcake when I went and the giant chunk of cookie dough in the middle definitely made it infinitely better. But in order to be called Boston's best cupcake, you need to be able to eat the cake part without any frosting or fancy fillings.

Cupcakes are $3 a piece on the truck which is pretty standard in the city. They stopped coming to BU last fall, so I haven't seen them in awhile and I've never been to their store in Somerville.

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):
Frosting: 4.5
Cake: 2.5
Number of Flavor Options: 4.5
Price: 4
Overall Taste: 4

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