Sunday, March 11, 2012


Spring break is here!!! I keep forgetting I'm flying out to North Carolina tomorrow...I've been too excited about all this BU Hockey action! Game 3 of the playoffs is this afternoon and it's win or go home, so fingers crossed!

Also, I've done soooo much eating around Boston this weekend, I have enough blogging material for the next month! But I figured I start from the beginning with one of my favorite places near BU....Scoozi.

This was the third time I've eaten here and I have yet to try something that I didn't find absolutely delicious. Their salads? Great! Their paninis? Delicious! Their pizzas? Ohmygodsofreakingood! They have 14 different flavors and they are all phenomenal! Well I haven't personally tried them all..but every one I or any of my friends have tried have been really good!

Yesterday I went there for lunch with my mom and roommate before departing for spring break. My mom got the caprese panini with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and pesto.

This is the second time she's gotten it in a row, so it must be really good! Me and Delaney couldn't decide so we decided to go halfsies with the Italian Style Chicken Salad and the BBQ Pulled Pork Panini.

The salad was great! A bed of arugula with Italian chicken with diced tomatoes on top with a slice of mozzarella and a tomato with a balsamic drizzle.

The panini was also really good. It had pulled pork with cole slaw on top. The pork is so tender, it melts in your mouth. My only complaint about this place is that you have to choose between potato chips or fries...there aren't any healthy options. But that's okay.

Alright, I'm off to BU again for Game 3 of the Men's Hockey Playoffs. Go BU!!!

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