Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cupcake Week: The Cupcakory

Happy Wednesday! You did made it halfway through the's practically Saturday! (Although I'm not sure if this is a good thing seeing as this is CUPCAKE WEEK! And who wants a week like that to go by quickly? Not I.)

So as I said was very difficult for me to choose between this cupcake place and SWEET cupcakes because they were very close. But they both have the complete opposite problems. SWEET has good cake with mediocre frosting, whereas the second runner up for my best cupcake in Boston has AMAZING frosting and mediocre cake.

Without further ado...The Cupcakory food truck!

One thing I will definitely criticize this truck for though is how boring it is! I mean, come on!!! You're a cupcake food truck! Plain white with green letters is not NEARLY as exciting as it should be.

My mom and I came here the other week when we went to Roxy's at the SoWa Winter Market. We had to wait awhile for them to show up, I mean come on...people totally start eating cupcakes at 11 in the morning! But luckily for them, and for us, and for cupcake week they pulled in just as we started walking to our car. So we waited for them to get set up and were happy to be their first customers.

I was very disappointed with the selection available on the truck. Now I know I just got done saying I was a vanilla kind of girl, but not everyone is. And if you're going to claim that you will have 5-6 rotating flavors available at a time on the truck on your website, then you should have at least 5. At least!

But alas...they only had double vanilla, double chocolate, salted carmel, and Guinness and chocolate. So this limited me to only one option seeing as I don't like chocolate cake. Not good Cupcakory, not good.

Okay, now I'm done complaining. Let's talk about how they tasted!! As I said earlier, the cake was just mediocre. Not the kind of cake that I could eat plain. I needed all the frosting that was available to make sure I had enough in every bite to cover up the blandness of the cake.

Now let's talk about that frosting!! On the menu it is described as a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla buttercream. What is Madagascar vanilla??? And where can I get some? Seriously...I will marry this vanilla bean! This was the best frosting (flavor-wise) that I think I have ever tasted. I'm not sure if it was a buttercream though. My mom didn't like it because it had more of a whipped cream consistency. It wasn't THAT bad, but it was very light (which I don't think is a bad thing, but my mom didn't like it).

I put my cupcake in the fridge for a few hours before I ate it though, and when I took it out the frosting had thickened up a little and was more frostingy (is that a word? I thought so) and ohmygod was it good! I'm not a huge frosting lover. I only like as much as I need to complete the cupcake and then I usually leave the rest behind. I can't just eat gallons of frosting anymore like when I was a kid (okay, maybe last year...) But regardless, I hope I never encounter a giant batch of this frosting because there is not enough willpower in the world to prevent me from inhaling it all!

So yeah...I suppose I can only say so much about how delicious a frosting is so I will stop boring you now. Oh yeah...and they were $3 a piece...pretty standard for their size. Here's the breakdown...

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):

Frosting: 15
Cake: 3
Number of Flavor Options: 2.5
Price: 4
Overall Taste: 4

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