Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Jinxed

This about sums up how every member of Red Sox Nation is feeling right now.


Also, this tumblr post about sums up the three words that keeping running through every Bruins fan's head haunting us relentlessly.

It has been a sad weekend for the residents of Boston. And I have a's all my fault.

I'm jynxed.

And I'm sorry.

Let me explain:

I was wearing my new Tim Thomas shirt while watching the Bruins game. As you all may recall, they lost.

I then had to run to a group meeting so I changed my shirt. Note: This was NOT because I was ashamed to be a Bruins fan! I will never be ashamed! It was simply because I have been wearing that shirt practically all week during every single game, jumping up and down and screaming, during this 80 degree heat we've been having. And I haven't washed it. Don't judge me! I'm in college....I do laundry once every three happens. So point of the story...I wasn't going to go out in public smelling like an unwashed Bruins fan that has had a rough, depressing week.

So I dumped my shirt in my laundry basket (to be washed today before the game!) and opened my drawer. The first thing I saw was my Red Sox shirt. 'Hey,' I thought. 'I'll put this on seeing as they are finally winning (by 9 runs nonetheless) against the Yankees.'

Good choice, right?


While I was wearing this shirt, the Yankees scored 15 runs and beat the Red Sox 15-9. The turning point of the game? The second I put on my Red Sox shirt.

Let's recap:

I was wearing my Bruins shirt and the Bruins lost. I then put on my Red Sox shirt when they were winning 9-0 and the lost 15-9.

Conclusion: I'm jinxed.

It's my fault the Bruins lost. It's my fault the Red Sox lost. And it's my fault that millions of people all over New England are depressed.

So now what do I do? Wear a Bruin shirt or not? Should I also remove all the Bruin nail polish from my fingers and toes?? I'm so torn.

I'm really not a superstitious person. Except when it comes to sports. I wouldn't even wear my brand new Victor Cruz jersey during the Superbowl because I had been wearing my Manning jersey during every other game that had gotten them there.

And when I see things like this confirms my superstitions.

I'm sorry Boston and I'm sorry Bruins and Red Sox fans everywhere.

Let's have a better day today!

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