Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bison Burgers and Sweet Potato Tots

I've heard a lot about Bison burgers and how much better they taste and how they're a lot better for you, but I had never tried one before. (mostly just because I wouldn't know where to find a Bison burger)

So once again, thank you BU Dining Services!

This week they are offering Bison burgers in place of any burgers at the place I work at for only $2 extra. So of course I had to try it! I got a cheeseburger with Bison meat, Swiss cheese, sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers on wheat bread. Oh. My. God.

The burger was amazing! It tasted like a slice of steak. Literally. I was pretty skeptical at first, I didn't think it would taste any different than a regular burger, but I was very impressed. It didn't taste greasy at all, it literally tasted like a hunk of steak..it just looked like a burger. So good!

I know I didn't really get a good picture of the meat, but if this was sitting in front of you, you would spend more time eating and less time taking pictures too!

I'm not sure I would spend the extra money on Bison meat in my regular, everyday life, but you should definitely try it at least once! And you can always come to BU and help me use up all my dining points by the end of the semester!

Now let's talk about sweet potato tater tots!

The food Gods loved me today! I LOVE sweet potato fries and these are just as good, if not ten times better! Because with fries...you get a skinny little bit of sweet potato filling with just mostly fried, greasy outsideness. (Wow that was a great explanation..not.) But anyway, the sweet potato tots obviously still have the greasy, unhealthy outside because they're made in the fryer, BUT there's more room for delicious sweet potatoness.

Mmmmm...look at it all! And it was so bright and orangey and delicious!

What a fantastic lunch! Hopefully this is only offered for the week though or I'm in trouble!

Have a fantastic week everybody!

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