Sunday, April 29, 2012

21 Jump Street

If you are in college, high school, or are very very immature and enjoy laughing for two hours straight, you NEED to see 21 Jump Street.

Let me preface this review by saying that I generally don't like comedies. Napoleon Dynamite, The Hangover, anything starring Will Ferrell (except Elf)...they just aren't my thing. I think 90% of comedies are just stupid. However, when a comedy is done can be one of the best movie experiences, because let's be honest, fewer things are more enjoyable than laughter.

21 Jump Street is an example of a comedy that was done right. Even besides making you laugh out loud at least every couple of minutes, it was a very well-written and executed film.

However, for those of you not taking film classes and who just want to laugh at penis jokes and high school awkwardness...this is definitely the movie to see. It's definitely raunchy; as I read in a review in Scene magazine, "they use 20 different terms for the male genitalia." So if you're young, don't ask your mom or grandma to come see it with you; if you're a mom or grandma, don't bring the kids along!

It's very immature. Very, very immature.

But sometimes that's just exactly what you need.

And let's discuss Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for a minute. First off, kudos to Jonah for losing all that weight. He looks great! And kudos to him for being freaking hilarious as always.

Also, I love Channing Tatum. Who knew he could be so funny? I thought he only knew how to be the sexy, shirtless lead in romantic comedies, but he is downright hysterical. Did any of you see his monologue on SNL? That's some funny stuff! There's this whole side to him that I never knew existed.

Jonah and Channing are an amazing duo. And they each fit their characters perfectly. Channing was the cool kid back in high school who always picked on the nerds, like Jonah's character (who tried to be the next Slim Shady).

Oh my god, so funny...

...he looks just like him!

The two end up both becoming police officers and, ironically, best friends. The job turns out to not be quite as exciting as they were expecting when they're put on bike duty in a public park, but they almost get their first arrest when they spot a gang of men smoking weed. Unfortunately, Channing's character never actually memorized his Miranda Rights and Jonah Hill's character was just too Jonah Hill to actually catch the guy and they all go free.

However, they end up getting assigned to an undercover case where they have to go back to high school to try to find out who's supplying this designer drug to all the students. This results in crazy drug trip, lots of anticipatory explosions that never occur, a hilarious high school party, and a Korean Jesus.


You need to watch this movie for that alone.

And don't forget to be on the look out for a cameo appearance by Mr. Johnny Depp. Kudos to you if you find him!

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