Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fenway Park's 100th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Fenway!

One of the best things about going to BU (and I know I mention a new one nearly every post, but this is really one of THE best) is the fact that I am blocks away from Fenway.  Last year I could see it from my dorm cool! And when me and my roomie actually went to a game last spring it was so nice to walk 15 minutes over to the park and then laugh at all the poor saps lined down Brookline Ave waiting to get on the T at Kenmore as we ducked by everyone and made it back to our rooms before half of them even got underground.

It's great.

One of the best things: the flyovers. I saw it a lot last year, but honestly just forgot about it this year. So when I was watching Opening Day at Fenway a week ago on TV and the National Anthem was coming to a close I started to hear a rumble in the distance. And then I started hearing a rumble on TV and saw the planes approaching on the TV.

For a split second I honestly thought 'wow, that's a weird coincidence' and then I slapped myself in the head and said, "Oh....yeah." And then there they were, right outside my window, flying off into the distance, and also on my TV screen. It never gets old.

Yesterday during the 100th Birthday I stood at my window with my camera ready as the National Anthem was being played by the Boston Pops waiting to see them, but they must have gone a different direction because they didn't fly where I could see them. So sad.

Let's talk about Fenway Park. It really is truly great. (The team that plays there....not so much).

I know I can't live up to all the great things that have been said about Fenway over the past few days, so I won't try. (And as much as I want to, I won't quote John Williams' famous quote, because let's be honest...I got the point the first twenty times I heard it).

Then again, it's probably worth repeating: "You think of Boston, you think of Harvard and MIT as being the brains of the city, and Faneuil Hall might be the soul. But I think the beating, pounding heart of the city for Bostonians is Fenway Park. That’s the heart of the town." -John Williams

Couldn't have said it better myself, John. And excellent job with the Pops yesterday!

Clearly there's nothing I could say about Fenway that hasn't already been said, so I'll just take a trip down memory lane. I do have a picture of my first trip to Fenway, but it was taken on a disposable camera so the physical print that you can hold in your hand, that we had to go to WalMart to have developed!!, is at home and not at the tip of my fingers on my computer. Must have been a long time ago!

I've been several times since then, though. And I've usually had really good seats. My aunt took me to one game where we were directly behind home plate like 3 rows back, it was insane. My aunt was even in the Globe because there was a picture of the batter. It was great!

This was the year they won the second World Series.

A home run by Papi.

One of Manny's last games in a Sox uniform.

This was last year, the first game I had every been to where the Red Sox didn't win. My good luck charmness is gone. =[

Hopefully it was just a fluke though, because I'll be back in a couple of weeks for my mom's birthday. So they better win as a birthday present for her! And as an Officially-Being-Halway-Through-College present for me! (Wow that's crazy to think about). 

Andddd I recently bought standing room only tickets to the Red Sox/Yankee game on September 11th for only $25. I hope they'll have a cool ceremony or something for 9/11. And of course I hope WE WIN! Especiallyyyyy since I'm the best friend a person can have and also bought a ticket for my Yankee-loving friend to come with me. Let the trash-talking begin.

Although, let's be honest, if things continue as they're going now...we'll probably be out of the Playoffs by then and we'll get murdered, but oh well. Sorry Red Sox. (Bring back Tito!) But I'll still be cheering my head off for you and singing Sweet Caroline at the top of my lungs regardless. Us Boston fans stuck by you through 86 years without a trophy and we will certainly still stick with you if it's another 86 years until the next. And one thing's for certain...Fenway's been there through it all. 

For the Red Sox.

For Red Sox Nation.

For Boston.

For all of New England.

For baseball fans everywhere.

Happy Birthday. Here's to 100 more!

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