Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dinner

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I hope everyone had a nice weekend filled with friends and family. To all the Red Sox fans out there...I share your greivances. To all the Yankees fans out there...HAHAHAHAHA!

Now that THAT's over with, I would just like to share with you some pictures from my weekend. (And more sunset pictures over BU because I have a sunset-picture-taking obsession).

This was our Easter table at my aunt's house. We had yummy chicken cutlets (pounded out chicken, egged and breaded with italian seasoning by my very Italian uncle), butternut squash (mashed with some butter and brown sugar), and some of the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. They were from a box though, garlic red mashed potatoes from Market Basket. Very, very good. We also had really good wheat rolls from Market Basket.

The Easter Bunny also made a sneak attack! My aunt was cooking in the kitchen while me and the men watched the Red Sox in the living room and somehow this Easter basket appeared on the table right in front of us without us even noticing. He's a sneaky little bugger, that Easter Bunny. Goes to show the power sports have over your attention once you get engrossed in the game.

Some chocolate bunnies from Upstate New York courtesy of my lovely mother (she has an in with the bunny apparently) and some Russell Stovers coconut dark chocolate eggs. YUM! And some sugar-free chocolate-covered peanuts for my uncle. (But I may have stolen one...or ten).

And my uncle made sure that we were all set for dessert by getting out an assortment of Market Basket pies so we could each choose our favorite. I went with the Boston Cream....duh!

(Can anyone tell me why it's called Boston Cream PIE? It is clearly cake. One of life's great mysteries.) But anywho, this was really good Boston Cream pie. Koodos to Market Basket!

So overall it was a lovely weekend with the fam. Despite the Red Sox grueling loss yesterday and heart-breaking loss this afternoon. Bruins had an awesome win for their final regular season game though! (I had to go to North Station Saturday to get on the train to my aunt's and it was right before the game so there were Bruins jerseys everywhere waiting to go upstairs to the Garden, and would you believe that no one offered to give me their ticket so I could watch the game?? How rude!)

And last but not least, my nice weekend came to a close a beautiful sunset over Boston University.

Have a fabulous week everybody! And don't get too much of an Easter candy sugar high!


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