Monday, February 6, 2012

We Did It!


You can only imagine how happy I am this morning. Seriously. I couldn't sleep last night. And then woke up at 7:30. And now I'm waiting until I get to go to work!! You heard correctly! Haha this is the wonderful thing about living in Boston.....allllll the disappointed Patriots fans! Mwa-ha-ha! And I have a $10 bet to collect on. Andddd this is two years in a row now that I have won the football pool at my mom's work because I am amazing at picking the winning team and how many points they will score. This year, I of course picked the Giants with 37 total final points. The score was 21-17. I was closest. I won. Yay me! Happy happy day!

Okay...I've calmed down a little. A little.

Let me tell you about this awesome Superbowl party BU threw last night to try to keep people off the streets (you know, because of all those happy riots that broke out after the Pats won...oh wait). Anywho, they threw a party at our giant hockey arena. The game was displayed on the Jumbo Tron, there was free ice skating, free food and drinks, and a crap ton of disappointed Patriots fans by the end of the night. Okay, sorry..I can't stop. Andddd...a REALLY BIG CAKE!

A really big, DELICIOUS cake that I now need to go spend 3 hours in gym because I ate too much! But hey...calories don't count when your team wins right? Right? Well regardless...I definitely burned off a few slices of cake from how much my body was shaking for the last 15 minutes of the game. But maybe not the 3 slices of pizza, chicken wings, and hot dog I had. Oh...and the M & M's my aunt sent me.

Love her!

So much fun! Going to a $50,000 school actually pays off every once in awhile!

And good thing the Patriots vacated the premises as quickly as they did or they would have had this to just rub salt in their wounds. Ohhh happy day!

Have a great week everyone! I know I will!

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