Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beautiful Boston and an Encounter with the Bruins


Okay, now that that's out of my system...

I love Boston. It's such a great city. Absolutely beautiful. My favorite part of Boston has to be the Esplanade. It's a very long trail that encircles the entire Charles River through Boston and Cambridge. It's awesome! I go running here, ride my book, even rollerblade! And it doesn't even feel like exercise because there's so much to look at. I also like just taking walks and chilling with friends. That's what I did yesterday. My friend Nick told me he found this awesome playground by the Boston Pops' Hatch Shell so of course we had to go!

Here's what our walk there looked like..

That's the Citgo sign from allll the way across the river. And the three tower building to the right is part of BU's campus.

I thought the reflection of that one building in the Hancock Tower was pretty awesome!

So now let's discuss this playground. A: It had a "Jungle Gym" aka: a random assortment of thick black rope crisscrossing in every random direction that the kids had to climb their way through just to get to the slide! Now that's cruel! But I'll tell probably builds a LOT of character! And if they fall..they would hit about 20 ropes on the way down to break their fall. No biggie.

B: It had a zip line! A ZIP LINE!!!???!!!

Legit spent a good half hour on this baby! Good thing all the little brats were in school...I would've knocked people out to get to play on that thing!

From here we decided to grab some coffee and head to the Frog Pond to watch people fall down on the ice. So we grabbed some coffee (I finally tried the new Blonde Roast from Starbucks and I actually really like it! It wasn't ridiculously overpowering like normal Starbucks coffee) and then headed over to the Commons.

Buttttttt...guess who was there?? Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand!! I die! Did I mention I love living in the city?? You don't run into NHL players in rural Northern New York. A bunch of little kids were playing in some charity game for the Bruins Foundation and they were there taking pictures and signing autographs for the kids. (Unfortunately Timmy Thomas wasn't there =[ ) But still awesome! So naturally, I got some stalker photos of them!

Oh man, Seguin is cute!! Unfortunately he didn't propose, but that's okay. I'm holding out for Victor Cruz anyway! Well, I hope my discussion of Boston sports teams didn't jinx anything for tomorrow. Although they aren't the Boston Patriots...they cheat and call themselves the New England Patriots so they can have 5 states rooting for them instead of just 1/3 of one state. Pathetic.

So anywho....GO GIANTS!!!

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