Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Happy Wednesday everybody! I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Of course my Tuesday's are the busiest days of my week, but that didn't stop me! I got out of class at and my roomie ordered some sushi delivery from Kayuga down the street on Comm Ave from We mostly just did this because we had $5 coupons but even still it was a really good deal! We got the spicy tuna roll and a shrimp tempura roll and they were each about $7 plus $3 delivery charge and tip. It did take a little longer for them to deliver because it was Valentine's Day but overall I was pretty pleased. Check out's an interesting site for us lazy people. Or us people who feel we deserve to treat ourselves like princesses on Valentine's Day!

As far as the food goes, the shrimp tempura roll (on the right) was probably the most delicious roll of sushi I've ever had. (Which really isn't saying much because I've only been living in the city for a year and a half now so I really haven't had that much sushi. And I definitely haven't had high-quality (read:expensive) sushi before. But it was still delicious!)

The spicy tuna was pretty bland. It wasn't spicy at all so it was just kind of needed a good dousing in soy sauce first but I won't complain.

We also picked up some chocolate-covered strawberries and NEON YELLOW sweetheart-shaped cheesecake from our food court.

The cheesecake looked prettier before it fell all over the place in our bag but still. It was very good (despite being neon yellow).

And of course...what would Valentine's Day have been without seeing Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams practically naked? Not Valentine's Day at all..that's what. So me and my girlfriends went to the movies and I convinced (read:threatened) them to let us stay until 10:15 to see The Vow (because the 9:30 one we wanted to see was sold out..shocker) and as much as I want to see both The Descendants and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, I was not going to not see the Vow on Valentine's Day and that's final!

This is us waiting the 45 extra minutes for the movie to start.

I never get the stupid face memo..I just innocently smile in every picture.

And then of course when they both behave I'm laughing like an idiot at something..sigh..

I think this represents our personalities much better anyway!

So anywho, the movie was pretty good. Not as good as I was expecting, but typical, predictable romantic movie. The plot was interesting I just wasn't drawn in enough I guess. A successful romance film requires me crying, me laughing, me staring at the screen shouting WHY DOESN'T THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEE??? I don't think my standards are that high, but still.

Which brings me to my final thought...I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE LUCKY ONE!! Another Nicholas Sparks movie! (Side note: When the heck did Zac Efron get hot??? And can all men take his advice and do the same? Damn) Check out the trailer if you have not already done so and join me in waiting with baited breath for it to come out!

Well, ta-ta for now!

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