Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IHOP Simple and Fit Menu

Happy Tuesday! (technically Monday) Tuesday technically just disappears, which is pretty awesome because my Tuesdays are nonstop from 10am to 8pm. So yay to no Tuesdays!

So this weekend, along with being able to cook again, my aunt and uncle also treated me to some IHOP for brunch! Score! And I was very pleased to see that even they had jumped on the healthy menu options bandwagon with their new Simple and Fit Menu. The only difference is that the items on the Simple and Fit menu use egg substitute, turkey bacon, and whole wheat/all grain products (for french toast and pancakes).  Everything on the menu is under 600 calories.

I was very pleased with the number of options. There were 3 different omelette options, a breakfast combo, a french toast combo, a crepe combo, and of course PANCAKES! I was very torn between the French Toast combo for 490 calories (2 pieces of whole wheat french toast with sliced bananas on top with a side of scrambled egg substitute and 2 slices of turkey bacon) and the Blueberry Pancake combo for 560 calories (2 blueberry harvest grain and nut pancakes [which contained blueberries, grains, oats, almonds AND walnuts!] topped with banana slices with a side of egg substitute).

In the end I decided that I couldn't come to IHOP without getting pancakes, especially ones with blueberries AND walnuts in them! And I believe I made the right decision.

Yum! I want to go back in time and eat it again! They had sugar-free syrup available upon request. That stuff only has 30 calories in 1/4 cup!!??!! How is that possible? Maybe I don't want to know, but it still tasted just as good as regular syrup! And I loveeeee syrup! So to save 700% of the calories that are in regular maple syrup (210 per 1/4 cup) I was in heaven! So my full meal came to just around 600 calories. The perfect brunch! (And I also had coffee...lots and lots of coffee...I mean it was free refills, come on!)

I'm very glad I don't have one anywhere near me or I probably would have returned already to try the french toast, but I suppose that's for another time.

By the way, here's a picture of my pre-brunch snack.

My uncle makes an AMAZING fruit salad that he always has on-hand in the fridge. It's chopped apples, pears, oranges, peaches and grapes! All soaked in orange juice! Right?! So good. I probably had 5 bowls in the less than 24 hours that I was there.

Also, sorry to make you even more jealous, but here's a beautiful shot of the mouth of the harbor near their house.

If you couldn't tell, it was a really nice visit. Too bad every weekend isn't three days long!

I hope everyone has a fabulous short week!

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