Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Hello, my name is Nicole. I'm not going to just rehash everything that's in my bio, but I am a student at Boston University and I am obsessed with food! I've always loved sharing recipes and taking pictures of my food. And of course I love talking about myself and my interests so I've decided to start this blog so I can share my adventures with the world.

And what better time to start a food blog than smack dab in the middle of the holidays?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm quite positive that my stomach stretched itself out to the point of no return, because I am way hungrier now than I was before Thanksgiving Break, but I'm sure if I just keep eating, it will fix itself. Right? Right.

For my first post I'd just like to share our Thanksgiving table. Full of turkey, gravy (homemade by yours truly), mashed potatoes (made from scratch by my mother), squash (yum!), STUFFINNGGG (not made from scratch, but who cares because it's stuffing!!), and my mother's famous, amazing green bean casserole!

Thanksgiving is always hosted at our house, even though the guests change from year to year, but what doesn't change is me and my mom running back and forth between watching football in the living room (both the teams I was rooting for this year lost =[ ) and cooking in the kitchen. My dog also follows us from room to room and stares at us with those big sad eyes that you just about want to give the whole dang turkey to!

And this is him during the football breaks...

He leads a really rough life. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving were as delicious and restful as mine were. (Well, besides the whole "Hey, let's go to Walmart at midnight! They have a wireless router for $20!" Me: "Sure mom, whatever you say." And then there was a couple nights later..."Hey, they're having a drawing for a new car at the casino at midnight! We have good chances of winning let's go!" Me: "Sure mom, I'm sure you are definitely going to win that new car!" -__-)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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