Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is Over =[

Wahhhh!! This is the worst time of year! The day after Christmas...Excitement has been building for the past few months for this one day and's over. But on the bright side, only 364 days until Christmas!

So I was a terribly deprived child and my mother never decorated Christmas cookies with me. (I now know why after this weekend. A: She's not very good at it; she gets way to frustrated with the piping tubes and tiny sprinkles and frosting that she ends up just angrily squirting it all over the cookie in no real order. B: For every 3 cookies she'd decorate, 2 would end up in her mouth. maybe I was guilty of that part too but shhhhh) So anyway, I was determined this year to have this quintessential childhood memory so we went to Walmart and bought A LOT of cookie decorating supplies with a gift card I got for Christmas and for the past few days I have been going to town!

This is my work space. Who knew "5 1/2 dozen" cookies was SO MANY COOKIES!! For real though..the number of cookies you see in this picture is probably only about a quarter of the total number that dang sugar cookie tub made!

Isn't my cow awesome?? Don't ask why we have a cow cookie cutter...Okay, I'll just tell you. My mom's a little obsessed with cows. ...Just a little. -__-

This is how my mother contributed to the cookie-decorating taking artsy pictures of me.

PS. Go Giants!!!

Christmas cow!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you!

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