Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boston Pops and Pho Basil

I'M FREE!!!!!!
Wow, I can't believe I'm already halfway through my second year of college! I'm so old!!

Anywho, I am done with all of my finals and currently sitting on my very own couch in my very own home in Upstate New York, staring out the window and threatening Mother Nature to give us snow by Christmas OR ELSE! But before we came home, I surprised my mom with tickets to the Holiday Pops concert and it was amazing! I am actually currently listening to their rendition of 12 Days of Christmas. I paid $4 for this download because it was that awesome. For each day of Christmas, they sing it to the tune of a different song..some examples are "A Few of My Favorite Things," "Halleluja," "Swan Lake" (guess which day that one was), and even "Bohemian Rhapsody." It was brilliant. The Tanglewood Choir accompanied them. I highly recommend going to to download it, if you're the type of person who appreciates really good music.

And to make the night even better, we went to a delicious Thai-Vietmanese restaurant called Pho Basil on Massachusetts Ave. Overall, I was very impressed. Though it killed me, I went with the Saigon Noodle with tofu instead of my usual Vegetable Pad Thai, and I was very glad I did. It had the same deliciousness of the egg noodles and sauteed veggies with a little extra flavor. Very good!

My aunt and uncle shared the Spicy Basil with chicken. It was very tasty, but indeed very spicy! There was a LOT of red pepper flakes in it. That was kind of all I could taste after awhile (I know this because I accidentally ended up with their leftovers instead of mine =[ )

My mother decided to be adventurous with a dish that required her to dip rice paper in a bowl of hot water and then put the rice, shrimp and other veggies inside and then roll it up into a wrap. And if it wasn't already complicated enough, the didn't even peel the shrimp for her. Kind of annoying. And overall it was pretty tasteless. The vinegar sauce was good though!

And the grand finale....COCONUT ICE CREAM!! ...enough said.

I am so happy to be home so I can cook/bake/eat for the next 3 and a half weeks straight! 3 days till Christmas!!

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