Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sports Withdrawal and Nostalgia

I like summer. Don’t get me wrong. But I realize that I prefer a 70 (maybe 80) degree summer. Because this is crap. It even got 10 degrees cooler today, but it’s still a millionedy-percent humidity. (Yes, that is a real unit of measurement.) There was supposed to be this giant thunderstorm yesterday, but instead it only rumbled like twice and then rained a little and then WENT RIGHT BACK TO BEING JUST AS HUMID!
There are so many things I want to do around the city and just walk around, but I’ve locked myself in my room with the shades drawn, fan blasting on my face, reading a book and playing around on the computer. And occasionally venturing out to find air-conditioned buildings to hang out in (but that requires going into the deathly inferno which is outside, so I usually avoid that).
So please Mother Nature…I am begging you. Make it stop! I will never complain about it being cold evereverever again!
In other news, a future Terrier got drafted to the Bruins last night!! Woot! This means I can actually get super attached to him over the next few years and then don’t have to be heartbroken when he leaves BU and takes off for Colorado or something (I’m talking to you Keiran Milan). Because when he does finally leave BU for bigger and better things, it will be for the BRUINS! And I’ll still be able to watch and cheer for him all the time. Yay!
On that note, is it October yet?
Or even September 5th? Giants v. Cowboys, baby!!
Or even the Olympics?! When do those things start again? I can’t wait!
I’m having major sports withdrawal right now! Baseball is just so boring unless you’re actually there. All I have to do is check the score in the morning and I’ve got my fix.
And I’m really trying to get into this Euro 2012 thing, but I just don’t know who I should root for and then I find myself not caring and instead just mesmerized by how awesome some of their goals are. And then I start to really miss soccer. Like REALLY miss soccer. And then I start to miss high school, and study halls, and friends, and band trips. And it’s just not pretty.
Especially since the last of my high school friends just graduated this morning. How did this happen?? Where did the time go? Growing up is scary. I should be home now with nothing to do for the entire summer except sitting on my couch stuffing my face with food (because you could do that when you were little and not gain a single pound!) watching America’s Next Top Model reruns. And if it happens to get 95 degrees with 99.999999% humidity outside, that’s okay because I can just go to the local waterfall and hang out with the rest of my friends who don’t have any summer responsibilities and then come home and sleep in my air-conditioned room.
But no.
I had to grow up. And get big girl jobs and internships. And live in big girl apartments with no AC and really big bugs. And not stuff my face with food, because not only can I not afford it but it would also go straight to my stomach.
Being 13 is seriously underrated.
Anywho, I should probably go find a productive way to spend my day. Something that doesn’t include watching sports or going outside.  Sad face.

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