Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nestle CRUNCH Girl Scouts flavors

I'm a sucker for advertisements.

For example, here are a few things that I encountered the other day.

  • A giant poster for Six Flags New England: "Oh my god, we should definitely go to Six Flags this summer."
  • Walking through the North End, pass a sign for 'best gelato in Boston': "I should totally get my gelato from there!"
  • In CVS, a giant sign reading 'Try new Girl Scouts flavored Nestle Crunch!': "I so need those in my life! Let me buy one of every flavor!"

So here I am.

First up was the Caramel & Coconut (I hate people who spell carmel like that). Aka: Samoas.

It tasted just like a Samoa!! I was really afraid that I was going to be disappointed, but I definitely was not disappointed at all! It was just a Samoa with a crunchy texture. Thus the CRUNCH on the package!

There wasn't THAT much of a coconut flavor which is kind of disappointing, but I can understand that that would be hard to do with this kind of bar. You just can't beat a regular Samoa with actual toasted coconut on top. YUM.

Next up was the Thin Mint:

And it tasted guessed it...a Thin Mint! It was very good! I am a huge fan of any chocolate + mint combination and this one surely did not disappoint.

So there you have it, they are exactly what you would expect! They taste like the Girl Scout cookies they represent, only with an added crunch.

Excuse me while I return to CVS and buy 10 more.

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