Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Night of my Life

So a few weeks ago the wonderful people at Live Nation called our Dean of Students office and asked if the BU Marching Band would be interested in performing with Foster the People on June 15th. We were interested.

They needed a 20 person horn section to play the synth music in their song Houdini. And I was one of the lucky ones who was chosen to go perform.

All in all it was a very long day of waiting around and freaking out, but it turned into the most memorable and amazing night of my life! Here is my experience in pictures and videos.

We were first introduced to our "dressing room" (aka: a 10 ft by 10 ft tent with a table inside).

Then came the waiting part. We sat there for hours watching Tokyo Police Club and Kimbra's band do sound check. It was entertaining but still really boring. And atleast I got this picture of our conductor with a giant blow up that we thought resembled him!

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Then we finally got to break out our instruments and do a quick run through. Aka: just proved to the drummer that we could actually play notes.

That's the drummer. He told us we were the "best sounding band he's heard so far on the tour" but I'm pretty positive he was just saying that.

I really loved the venue too! The Bank of America pavilion is right on the water so you can hang out there while you wait for the show or listen to the opening acts or if  you just need a break from the crazy crowds.

Then it was showtime. First up was Kimbra (aka the girl who sings with Gotye in "Somebody That I Used to Know"). She was actually pretty good! And she was wearing a crazy outfit!

Next up was Tokyo Police Club. I was SO EXCITED when I found out they were opening! They sing one of my favorite songs: Breakneck Speed.

This is where we stood and watched the openings. We had super cool passes that could get us anywhere in the arena. Oh yeah, we're rockstars!

Then the sun began to set...

...And it was time to get all dressed up. Then we got to do more waiting! We stood outside the stage door for about an hour just waiting to go on. A few of us were even there before Foster the People went from their trailer to the stage and as they passed us they said, "Damn, you guys look sharp!" I died a little inside. And a little on the outside, but playing it cool is totally underrated.

Houdini was the second to last song, so we got to hear most of the concert through the back stage door. And we got to see Kimbra and Tokyo Police Club walk by quite a few times.

Then we had a quick "pep talk" from our conductor.

And then it was time to go on! This is my I'MSUPEREXCITEDANDNERVOUSANDFREAKINGOUT face.

And here's the concert in photos and videos...

Four of us got to play onstage while the rest of us were dancing and playing in the aisles.

And from our perspective...

And as crazy as that video is, it's a pretty accurate depiction of what we were experiencing! It was absolute chaos and amazingness! The crowd was wonderful! I did not expect them to cheer on a marching band that much, but they went NUTS! They were screaming and high fiving us and taking pictures with us. The people behind me didn't realize I was playing and kept tugging on my uniform saying "Hey, can we please get a picture??" It was amazing! I felt like a complete rock star!

And the best part was our group picture with the band afterwards.

And incredible, incredible night!

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