Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Perfect Afternoon in Boston

So me and my roommate set out for the Back Bay Boston Pride block party today because we didn't have enough time to get all the way to Jamaica Plains. But alas, when we got there at about 12:15 it was pretty dead and we decided for the $10 it would cost us each to get in, we could get a good lunch and dessert in downtown Boston instead.

So we kept walking. And we found ourselves walking through Quincy Market where we each picked up a new boyfriend.

A Scottish lady took our picture for us while criticizing their fake British accents. Too funny.

But there were too many annoying tourists and screaming children there for us, so we kept walking and found ourselves in the North End, where I of course asked, "Have you ever been to Pizzeria Regina?"

Upon receiving "no" for an answer, we had finally determined our destination. I was very afraid that there would be a line halfway down the block on such a nice Sunday afternoon, but we were seated right away. And our food came out almost immediately. The fastest service I've ever experienced there. (And lucky thing because we were starving after walking the 5 miles there.)

We ordered a small plain cheese pizza. It definitely did not disappoint. And the small is the perfect size for two hungry college kids. We scarfed it right down!

Our waitress didn't really say more than two words to us, and our drinks were never refilled (as usual at Regina's), but other than that, it was another perfect meal at the best pizzeria in Boston.

And during the course of our meal, it also came to light that my roommate had never tried a cannoli. (WHAAAA?!?)

Well, it was the perfect time to discover this. Naturally, we walked our butts right over to Mike's Pastry and ordered that girl a cannoli. Amazingly, there was no line and we were served immediately (now I know the perfect time to go to the North End to avoid the crowds). She decided on the chocolate mousse cannoli and immediately fell in love.

I, however, was more in the mood for something cold, so I decided to just try the first gelato we came across. It ended up being at the Gelateria a few doors down from Mike's. I asked the server what her favorite flavor was and she said Coconut. Well she didn't need to tell me twice! It was $5 for a pretty small cup, but I guess that's how gelato goes in Boston. As far as taste, I couldn't find anything wrong with it at all! It was a delicious, strong coconutty flavor, and perfect for a hot summer afternoon! It was creamy but still had a slightly icy texture to it. I had no complaints. Which is why I was surprised that it got such terrible reviews on Yelp. I guess I've never had gelato anywhere besides Boston, so I'm by no means a gelato connoisseur, but it tasted delicious and that's all that matters!

So we took our desserts and settled down on the Greenway to inhale consume them.

Overall, a gorgeous day and the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I got my North End fix for the month and it all cost only about $10 each.


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