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Words can't describe how stressed out/extremely happy I was last night! Leave it to the Giants to leave us on the edge of our seats through 4 and a half quarters instead of the usual nail-biting 4. But nevertheless, the best team came out on top meaning...rematch between Giants and Patriots! I mean did I get this lucky? My absolute favorite team and the team I hate more than words can describe meet in the Superbowl twice during my football-loving lifetime. Crazy!

Well, I was watching the Superbowl 4 years ago when Eli, Tyree and Plaxico Burress brought it home, while Strahan and company on defense put a stop to Brady and his undefeated Patriots, and I will definitely be watching on February 5th for a repeat.

Here's that on the helmet catch in case anyone forgot..

And I was also there, in Foxboro, on November 6th of this season (the day after my birthday) way up past the nose bleeds in seats I still paid $200 for to sit next to Pats fans and get harassed al night when the Giants gave me the best birthday present I could have asked for. That's right...Patriots redemption was a no go as they were stopped once again.

We came away with a 24-20 win that of course came down to a 4th quarter drive by Eli Manning to get the game-winning touchdown. As glorious as I thought watching the Giants beat the Patriots at Gillette would be, (and trust me, it definitely was glorious) it wasn't quite as I expected. It's weird to be surrounded by so many misguided souls cheering for the Patriots that when you see your favorite team score a touchdown and you scream at the top of your lungs, jumping up and down, only to realize you're one of the very few people doing the same...let's just say it's weird. I kept thinking I was seeing wrong because I couldn't understand why everyone else wasn't cheering. Poor, poor Patriots fans!

So here comes Round 3....and I know the Patriots would KILL to put a stop to this madness once and for all, but sorry Tom Brady...third time is rarely ever a charm. Maybe next year Pats, because this has been our year! Coming back from a 7-7 season after losing to the Redskins (the Redskins....) and needing 2 wins against the Jets and the Cowboys to even make it into the Playoffs. And then to face Atlanta and the nearly undefeated Packers and Aaron Rodgers?? Well..let's just say it hasn't been easy and we certainly aren't going to let YOU put a stop to our thunder.

Now I have to sit and wait for 2 weeks. I've got my Cruz jersey on (I was wearing both my Cruz and Manning jerseys AND my long sleeve Giants shirt during last night's game...don't judge me, it worked, didn't it?) and I'm ready to go out into BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS and let every single Patriots fan who is coming away with Superbowl XLVI. Until then I will relive Superbowl XLII again and again and marvel at the wonderful stress-bomb that was last night.

The play that turned it all around. A recovered punt return that hit the 49ers knee. (But don't say that to the 49ers player because clearly he "didn't feel it." Nice try buddy.)

Victor Cruz...enough said. Marry me already? Please?

Of course, my hero...

And finally, Tynes and Weatherford! Weatherford for handling that really low snap and setting it up in time for Tynes to lay his magic foot upon the ball and kick it through the uprights and all the way to Indianapolis!

Love them!! Is it February 5th yet??


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