Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Beautiful Day in Boston with Bon Me

Let's get this out there...I LOVE food trucks! They are adorable and convenient and like little mini restaurant meals for fast food prices. Love! The only thing I don't love is that they aren't on my BU dining plan so I have a little bit of a problem justifying that purchase when I have tons of food I could go get for "free" (or $53,000..whichever way you look at it). However, yesterday I was in a bind and had absolutely no time between 2 pm and 8 pm to grab food and if you know me, I can't last that long!

Luckily, as I'm walking out of a meeting and heading across the street to my next class I see a giant yellow box of wonderfulness!

I've had Bon Me before at the SoWa Open Market and LOVED it and knew that they came on campus almost every night, but like I said..I have trouble justifying it when I already paid for $53,000 food. But I also recently participated in a Social Media Challenge with my PRSSA chapter for Bon Me to come up with successful ways to keep them going strong during the rough winter months. (And my team won...obviously). So you see..I was really just trying to keep them in business during winter. Yay me! I won't mention that it was actually almost 60 degrees yesterday because no one in their right mind would believe that in January.

So on to the food... You can choose from a rice bowl, noodle bowl, or a sandwich. They each come filled with assorted veggies, this delicious soy glaze stuff, and your choice of: chicken, pork, or tofu and shitake mushrooms. They also have daily specials and drinks and last night they had this delicious looking Special 8 Treasures Good Luck Bar in honor of the Chinese New Year that looked absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, I have now officially gone one week (and one day) without a single sweet or item of junk food. I know right! What's wrong with me? So anywho, I settled on a brown rice bowl with the tofu and mushroom mixture (which is to die for!) and NO CILANTRO!

It was exactly like I remembered it! I don't know what they put in their sauce but it is perfect! I inhaled this thing! And not just because I was rushing to class. So good, and very reasonably healthy. Yay Bon Me!

So like I was nearly 60 degrees outside yesterday. This is the view out my window.

This was the view 4 days prior.


Four days prior.

Really Boston? Not that I'm complaining, because as much as I love snow, it's not as fun when I live in the city and have to walk everywhere in it and slip all over the place. And I am loving the warm weather! It's only about 45 today, but hey..I'll take it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and wherever you live, I hope it looks more like yesterday's picture than Saturday's. Ta-ta!

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